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power and frequency selection of ultrasonic cleaning transducer

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Power selection:

Ultrasonic cleaning transducer is not necessarily proportional to (power × cleaning time), sometimes with low power, and it takes a long time to remove dirt. And if the power reaches a certain value, the dirt is sometimes removed quickly. If the power is too large, the cavitation intensity will be greatly increased, and the cleaning effect will be improved. However, the more precise parts will also have an etch point, which is not worth the loss, and the cavitation at the bottom of the cleaning cylinder is severe, and the water point corrosion of ultra bath transducer is also increased. When is using organic solvents such as trichloroethylene, there is basically no problem, but when using water or water-soluble cleaning solution, it is easy to be affected by water spots. If the surface of the vibrating plate has been scratched, cavitation corrosion occurs under the high power.so to choose the ultrasound power according to the actual use.

Frequency selection:

In the case of low frequencies, the time during which the liquid is pressed and pulled becomes longer; therefore, the cavitation of custom cleaning transducer is generated for a longer period of time and the volume is also longer, and the impact force generated when cavitation is closed is proportional to the size of the cavitation bubble. So the lower frequency has the stronger the cavitation. The frequency we use in industrial cleaning transducer is generally less than 60KHz, and the most used is between 20~40KHz. Using a frequency of piezoelectric ultrasonic cleaning transducer is around 20 kHz, a relatively small number of cavitation bubbles can be obtained, but with the large cavitation intensity and noise, it can be used to clean workpieces with high bonding strength between the surface of large parts and the surface of objects. At a frequency of about 40 kHz, the number of cavitation bubbles generated under the same sound pressure is large, but the cavitation intensity generated during the crushing is low, the noise is small, the penetrating ability is strong, and the surface is complicated, blind holes, dirt and A workpiece with a weak surface bond.

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