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piezoelectric ceramic used in aerospace

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piezoelectric ceramic used in aerospace

                                                              piezoelectric ceramic used in aerospace

Ultarsonic piezoelectric devices are used to reduce vibration and damp noise , and because many components tend to vibrate, so they often control noise, vibration and of motion structure, which affecting the running machinery, aerospace walkers and cabin ,Piezoelectric has important significance. In particular, large-scale precision aerospace flexible structure,in general,about piezoelectric ,resistance is so small, weight is light, in the event of vibration sensor, the process of decay is very slow, long-term will affect the structure of the operation of the accuracy, and even lead to structural fatigue, instability of piezoelectric and so on Phenomenon, so it is very necessary to study the vibration of flexible structure, The traditional and passive damping -noise method is to change the characteristics of the system by increasing the quality, resistance, stiffness, or by redesigning the structure. There are a lot of defects in doing .The piezoelectric block pzt material itself has the positive and negative piezoelectric effect, making it the ideal material of the detector and the actuator in the active distribution control of the flexible structure.


The piezoelectric materials used in this respect are PZT and PVDF.PVDF compared with the former is easy to match with the acoustic impedance, wide frequency response, good flexibility, light weight and impact resistance, high mechanical strength, easy to make large area film, low price and so on. This vibration will offset the vibration of the beam, so as to achieve the purpose of vibration and noise reduction. This distributed detector and actuator device has been used in submarine enclosures, aircraft cabin and spacecraft for vibration and noise reduction due to its ability to self-regulate and self-monitoring known as intelligent structures.






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