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performance indicators of ultrasonic sensor

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 performance indicators of ultrasonic sensor

                                                      performance indicators of ultrasonic sensor:

performance indicators of ultrasonic transducer mainly include three parts: (1) operating frequency :Operating frequency is the resonant frequency of the piezoelectric ceramic. When the frequency of the AC voltage applied to the ends is equal to the resonant frequency , the output energy is the largest and the sensitivity is the highest. (2) operating temperature :due to the piezoelectric PZT material Curie point is generally high, especially when the diagnostic ultrasonic probe has less power and the operating temperature is relatively low, which can work for a long time without failure. Temperature of ultrasonic probe with medical use is relatively high,it needs a separate refrigeration equipment. (3) The sensitivity : which depends largely on the the chip itself of manufacturer. Mechanical coupling coefficient is large, high sensitivity piezo crystal is large.

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