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low-temperature sintered piezoelectric ceramics

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low-temperature sintered piezoelectric ceramics

                                          low-temperature sintered piezoelectric ceramics

  In the development of a variety of low-temperature sintered piezoelectric ceramic formulations, but also to improve the process to reduce the sintering temperature of piezoelectric ceramic rings is explored.In the early 1970s, foreign scholars for preliminary study of the milling process is the sintering process of piezoelectric ceramic sintering characteristics .1972 LM. Brom use sol-gel method to obtain high-purity ultra-fine powder of PLZT, piezo rings with silver electrodes is preparing the powder sample at 1 050 ~ 1 170 ℃, firing in an oxygen atmosphere is to obtain a uniform structure of PLZT transparent piezo ceramic In the same year, G.H.Haerling PLZT high temperature piezoceramics prepared different milling conditions by hot pressing sintering, which can be lower than the ordinary sintering temperature of 150 ~ 200 ℃. obtaining PLZT piezo for sonar transducer into the 20th century after the 80's, the pressure ceramics for flour milling technology has been further developed .United States S.L.Swartz has two-step synthesis method in 1984 , the Japanese K.Kegawa offered chemical synthesis method in 1986H. Yamamura and other multi-step chemical coprecipitation offer the synthesis of Pb (Mg1 / 3Nb2 / 3) can be achieved at about 1 000 ℃ low temperature sintering .1992 T Yamamoto offer a partial chemical synthesis method according to the previous synthesis.  Driving a piezoelectric transducer for PZTN piezoelectric material synthesized by the milling process is densely sintered at 1 000 ℃ with a density as high as 8.0 g / cm. The basic method and comparison of low temperature sintering of the piezoelectric ceramic are carried out to reduce the sintering temperature of the piezoelectric ceramic material.It is usually done by adding flux and improving the process.

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