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characteristics of piezoelectric ceramic sheet and parameters such as the intermediate temperature

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All the products produced by piezoelectric ceramics sensor sheet PIEZOHANNAS manufacturers, piezoelectric ceramic sheets are the main products. Therefore, learning and understanding of piezoelectric ceramic sheets is that the focus and requires full understanding. Therefore, based on this requirement, let's continue our research work so that everyone can progress and develop, with some foundations already in front.

1. What specific applications can be made using the characteristics of piezoelectric ceramics?
(1) Utilizing the sensitivity of a piezoelectric ceramic sheet, it can convert mechanical vibrations into electrical signals. Therefore, it can be well used for sonar systems, weather detection and telemetry environmental protection.

(2) Utilizing the characteristic that the shape variation of the piezo ceramics poling
sheet is smaller under the action of an electric field,fortunately it can be used for a control mechanism such as a piezoelectric actuator. Therefore, it has a good application in microelectronics and biological engineering.

(3) Utilizing the characteristics of good frequency stability of piezoelectric ceramics, it can be used in multi-channel communication equipment to improve the anti-interference performance of the equipment.

2. Is there a relationship between the electromechanical coupling coefficient and mechanical quality factor of piezoelectric ceramics?

The electromechanical coupling coefficient of piezoelectric ceramics is Kp value, which refers to the energy efficiency ratio of converting electrical energy into mechanical energy, which is generally not less than 65Kp, the higher the better. For the mechanical quality factor, it can be considered as the D value of the capacitor. So these are two different concepts that have nothing to do with each other.

3. What specific information can we know from the dielectric temperature spectrum and impedance diagram of the piezoelectric ceramic sheet?

The Curie temperature of a piezoelectric material Pzt powder piezo ceramic can be obtained from the dielectric temperature spectrum of the piezoelectric ceramic sheet, and the piezoelectric performance of the piezoelectric ceramic sheet can be obtained by measuring the piezoelectric constant. Through its impedance map, we can know its electromechanical coupling performance, whether it is good or up to standard.

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