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Why You Should Not Go To Ultrasonic Transducers

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Why You Should Not Go To Ultrasonic Transducers

                        Why You Should Not Go To Ultrasonic Transducers.

 ultrasonic transducer for gas meter is one kind of ultrasonic sensorwith gas medium, it can be used in the flow measurement of various gases .Oil pipelines are usually buried deeply in the underground or seafloor,after long-term use, the pipe wall often is easy to corrode and get thin, seriously oil spill accidents occur, therefore, the pipeline for non-intrusive ultrasonic gas meter transducer routine detection has caused the world's great importance. ultrasonic detector for the pipeline can detect the corrosion of the inner wall of the pipe without interrupting the crude oil transportation and judge the corrosion condition,the corrosion position of the pipe wall can collect the wall thickness and the mileage. At present, the detection of the pipeline mainly adopts the magnetic flux leakage detection method and the ultrasonic transducer for gas flow meter . the advantage of ultrasonic testing has high accuracy, easy usage, insensitive to impurities of the material, but also can use crude oil directly for a test medium,. Some developed countries have used pipe ultrasonic detector for the practical test, our country has also developed an ultrasonic detector.

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