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Why Is Piezo Discs And Cylinders The Most Trending Thing Now?

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 Why Is Piezo Discs And Cylinders The Most Trending Thing Now?

          Why Is Piezo Discs And Cylinders The Most Trending Thing Now?

The polarized piezoelectric ceramic is a piezoelectric vibrator ,which has a natural vibration frequency determined by its size. The stable oscillation can be obtained by using the frequency of the piezoelectric vibrator and the piezoelectric effect. When voltage frequency is the same as the natural vibration frequency of the piezoelectric ultrasonic resonator , resonance will occur and the amplitude will increase greatly. By this process, the alternating electric field produces strain through the inverse piezoelectric circuit effect, and the strain produces current through the positive piezoelectric effect, thereby realizing the maximum mutual conversion of the electric energy and the mechanical energy. Using this feature of piezoelectric accelerometer vibrator, you can create a variety of filters, resonators and other devices. These devices have the advantages of low cost, small size, no- moisture absorption, long life, good stability of frequency and equivalent quality factor.

Piezoelectric transformer that uses the electrical energy of piezoelectric effect and mechanical energy characteristics.which is made up from the input and output of two parts, the direction of polarized electrode of transducer piezo is perpendicular each other. input end polarizes along the thickness of the direction, after the application of alternating voltage and longitudinal vibration, due to the inverse pzt ceramic piezoelectric effect, the output end will have high-voltage output.

Piezoelectric ceramic transformer is a new solid state electronic device.Compared with the traditional electromagnetic transformer,it has the advantages of simple structure, small size, light weight, large transformer ratio, good stability, no electromagnetic interference and noise, high efficiency, large energy density, safe, non-winding, non-flammable, magnetic flux leakage phenomenon and the advantages of electromagnetic radiation pollution.

The current piezoelectric ceramic transformer is mainly used for power devices such as AC-DC, DC-DC and high voltage devices, such as television sets, electrostatic copiers, negative ion generator as a high-voltage power supply, liquid crystal display is in the cold cathode fluorescent tubes, neon tubes , Laser tube and small X-ray tube, high voltage electrostatic spraying, high voltage electrostatic flocking and radar display tube drive.

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