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What’s the ultrasonic flowmeter sensor(1)

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Ultrasonic flowmeters are widely used in various production facilities in our factory. The mediums test include water, hydrocarbons and lye. The ultrasonic flowmeters used in our factory are available in various domestic and foreign models and specifications. Compared with traditional mechanical flow meters and electromagnetic flow meters, it has high measurement accuracy, strong adaptability to pipe diameter, non-contact fluid, easy to use, and easy to manage digitally. The article discusses the problems are related to the measurement of liquid flow using ultrasonic flowmeters, focusing on the measurement principle, classification,piezo ceramic for flowsensor,installation and use of ultrasonic flowmeters.

I. Principle of ultrasonic flowmeter:
Ultrasonic flowmeters are widely used in various production facilities in our factory. The mediums tested include water, hydrocarbons and lye. The transducer for flowmeter used in our factory are available in various domestic and foreign models. Ultrasonic waves carry information about the fluid flow rate as they propagate through the flowing fluid. Therefore, the flow rate of the fluid can be detected by the received ultrasonic wave, and converted into a flow rate. It is linked to a water level gauge for flow measurement of open water flow. The use of ultrasonic flow rate does not change the flow state of the fluid without installing the measuring element in the fluid, and does not generate additional resistance. The installation and maintenance of the instrument can not affect the operation of the production pipeline and is an ideal energy-saving flowmeter.

Underwater ultrasonic flowmeter transducer consists of three parts: ultrasonic transducer, electronic circuit and flow display and accumulation system. The ultrasonic transmitting transducer converts electrical energy into ultrasonic energy and emits it into the fluid to be measured. The ultrasonic signal received by the receiver is amplified by the electronic circuit and converted into an electrical signal representing the flow to be supplied to the display and the integrated meter for display. And the total calculation. This enables the detection and display of traffic. In addition, the accuracy of the flow measurement of the ultrasonic measuring instrument sensor is almost independent of the temperature, pressure, viscosity, density and other parameters of the measured fluid, and can be made into non-contact and portable measuring instruments, so it can solve the problem that other types of instruments.They are difficult to measure. Flow measurement problems about underwater ranging transducer for corrosive, non-conductive, radioactive, and flammable and explosive media. The electronics of the ultrasonic flow meter include transmitting, receiving, signal processing, and display circuitry. The measured instantaneous flow rate and cumulative flow rate value are displayed in digital or analog quantities.

Second, the characteristics of ultrasonic flowmeter:

Advantages: It is a non-contact flow measuring instrument that can measure the volume flow of liquid and gas medium, in addition to the advantages of electromagnetic ultrasonic flow meter transducer(no pressure loss, no interference with flow field, measurement of highly corrosive medium, impurity contamination) In addition to the medium of the material, etc., the flow rate of the non-conductive medium can also be measured, and is not affected by the fluid pressure, temperature, viscosity, and density; the versatility is good, and the same table can measure the flow rate of the medium in the pipe of different calibers; installation and maintenance convenient, there is no need to cut off the fluid,which does not affect the normal circulation of fluid in the pipeline.There is no valves, flanges, bypass pipes are required for installation; it is especially suitable for flow measurement of large diameter pipes. Since there is no pressure loss, the energy saving effect is remarkable.

Disadvantages: It can't be too close to vibrate when installing, it is easy to affect the measurement of the probe; when is measuring the flow of water, it is easy to produce scale in the pipeline due to the water often, cylindrical ultrasonic depth transducer has an influence on the signal strength of the probe;

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