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What is ultrasonic sensor

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What is ultrasonic sensor


                                                               What is ultrasonic sensor?


Ultrasonic sensor is developed based on ultrasonic characteristics . Ultrasonic is that vibration frequency is higher than the acoustic wave of mechanical waves, which piezo transducer chip is produced under the excitation of voltage, it has a high frequency, small diffraction phenomenon , short wave length, in particular, good direction, it can become a ray with orientation and other characteristics. Ultrasound can penetrate the solid, liquid largely, especially in opaque solid of the sun, it can penetrate the transducer for depth of tens of meters. Ultrasonic produce a significant reflection when it is touched with the interface or impurities .which can produce Doppler effect once touched active object. Therefore, ultrasonic testing is widely used in national defense, industrial, biomedical and other aspects. Ultrasonic waves is as for a means of detection, which must produce ultrasound and receiving ultrasound, ultrasonic sensor is the device that complete this function , commonly known as ultrasonic transducer, or ultrasonic probe.


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