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You are here: Home / News / Basics of Piezoelectric Ceramics / What conclusions can be drawn from the characteristics and parameters of piezoelectric ceramics?

What conclusions can be drawn from the characteristics and parameters of piezoelectric ceramics?

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1. What are the specific applications of piezoelectric ceramics?
(1) The piezoelectric discs transducer is sensitive to this characteristic, and it can convert mechanical vibration into an electrical signal. Therefore, it can be used well in such fields as sonar systems, weather detection, and telemetry environmental protection.
(2) The use of piezoelectric ceramics under the action of an electric field has a small variable shape, which can be applied to control mechanisms such as piezoelectric actuators. Therefore, it has a good application in microelectronics and bioengineering.
(3) The piezoelectric ceramics have good frequency stability and can be used in multi-channel communication equipment to improve the anti-interference of the equipment.

 2. Is there a relationship between the electromechanical coupling coefficient of piezoelectric ceramics and the mechanical quality factor?
The electromechanical coupling coefficient of piezo disks crystal piezoelectric ceramics is the KP value, which refers to the energy efficiency ratio of electrical energy converted into mechanical energy, generally not less than 65KP, and the higher the better, and the mechanical quality factor can be considered as the capacitance. About value of D, this is two different concepts and it has nothing to do with it.

3. What specific information can we know through the dielectric thermogram and impedance of piezoelectric ceramics?
Through the piezoelectric ceramic thermogram, the Curie temperature of the piezoelectric material 16mm piezo disks can be known, and the piezoelectric properties of the piezoelectric ceramic can be known by the piezoelectric constant measurement. Through its impedance, you can know how its electromechanical coupling performance is good or up to standard.

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