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Welding steps and process requirements of the piezo diaphragm

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1. Check the piezoelectric diaphragm: Selecting a piezo diaphragm for buzzer with good appearance and no oxidized substrate for the substrate and silver plating.

2. Piezo diaphragm with tin: First, the copper/steel substrate of the piezo alarm element is tinned. Because the copper/steel substrate dissipates heat quickly, the tin can't be added much, but the welding time is prolonged. Generally, it takes 2.5 seconds or more to make it. The tin spot is reliably attached to the copper/steel substrate. Adding tin to the silver-plated coating requires a small solder joint and a tinning time of less than 1.5 seconds.

3. Welding piezoelectric ceramic bimorph is connecting wire: general red wire welding copper/steel substrate solder joint; black wire soldering silver plating solder joint.

4. Self-test: Whether the solder joints are round and full, no false soldering, no solder joints, no solder joints, and the silver plating coating is damaged.

The welding process requirements of the piezo element film piezo disc bender :

1. The piezoelectric diaphragm must be checked and only good products can be used.
2. Do not touch the piezo diaphragm with bare hands. The sweat on your hands will corrode the buzzer and cause oxidation.
3. The solder joints are required to be full. No soldering and false soldering, no solder joints.
4. The silver-plated coating is particularly susceptible to damage and the welding speed is fast.
5. The temperature of the soldering iron is adjusted to 280+/-20°C

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