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Use precautions of ultrasonic cleaning transducer

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The main consideration for using ultra bath transducer is the matching with the input and output, followed by the mechanical mounting and mating dimensions. The frequency of the transducer is relatively straightforward. The frequency refers to a frequency measured by a transmission line method using a frequency (function) generator, a millivoltmeter, an oscilloscope, or the like, or a frequency measurement by a network impedance analyzer or the like. Generally known as the small signal frequency. The customer connects the ultrasonic transducer to the drive power supply via a cable, and the actual operating frequency measured when the power is applied after no load or load. Because the customer matching circuits are different, the same ultrasonic transducers exhibit different frequencies at different driving power sources. Such frequencies cannot be used as a basis for discussion.

1. Problems that are easy to occur when is using ultrasound transducer cleaning.Common problems in use are wafer cracking, weakness, overload, electrode pad ignition, electrode chip cracking, heat generation, leakage, and wafer misalignment.The emergence of such problems can be classified into three categories. One is that the customer's drive power or mold and assembly problems, the second is that our transducers and horns have problems, the third is that both products have no problem, but do not match.

Case 1: The customer's drive power or mold has a problem
We recommend that customers actively find the cause or communicate with our technical staff to improve as soon as possible.

Case 2: There is a problem with our ultrasonic transducers and horns

This will happen, but the possibility of discovery is relatively small. Our company specializes in producing all kinds of high-power ultrasonic transducers. The quality of all products of the horn is at a high level in China. At the same time, we have ISO9000 quality certification system and strict process and inspection. The quality of our ultrasonic transducer products is guaranteed. The pass rate of our factory products is 100%.

The third case: the products of both parties have no problem, but they do not match.

This is the most common, that is, the customer's drive power is good, the ultrasonic transducer is also good, the assembly is normal, but the parts do not match. The main parameter causing the mismatch is the frequency and capacitance of the ultrasonic transducer. In response to this situation, the solution is to adjust the matching parameters of the driver's power supply to suit our ultrasonic transducers. The second method is to carefully study the various chassis and the original transducers. Parameters, in summary, as long as you can provide accurate parameter requirements, we can guarantee to provide you with the right transducer.

2, assembly precautions of ultrasonic transducer components

The main parts of the ultrasonic vibration system, such as the transducer, the horn, the tool head, etc., are connected by a central bolt.

1. Check that the contact surface should be smooth and free of scratches. If there are any scratches, use a metallographic paper with a number of zero or more to lightly polish. It is required to smooth the defect without damaging the flatness of the contact surface.
2. Cleaning the screws, screw holes and contact surfaces with a volatile, non-corrosive cleaning agent.
3. Thoroughly clean the screws, screw holes and contact surfaces.
4. All connecting screw holes should be perpendicular to the contact surface.
5. Apply a thin layer of butter or Vaseline to the contact surface before tightening. Be careful not to apply it to the connecting screws and screw holes.
6. Carefully tighten the two parts. Adjust the appropriate tightening torque according to the specifications of the connecting screws. When it is possible, tighten it properly.
7. If you loosen the joint surface again, you should not see any scars.
8. The amplitude of the vibration system is evenly distributed by hand,there is  no strange sound, no local severe fever.
9. After working for a period of time, there should be no signs of oxidation or ablation on the joint surface. Otherwise, the contact here is not good, and the ultrasonic energy is seriously lost here.

3, the operating temperature of the ultrasonic transducer

Cleaning ultrasonic transducer part generates heat when is used, which is mainly caused by three causes. One is that the material that is heated or ultrasonically treated by the workpiece will heat up, or the mold (tool head) and the horn will heat up for a long time, and this heat will be transferred to the transducer. The second is the power loss of the transducer itself. Since the energy conversion efficiency is not 100%, the energy lost is inevitably converted into heat. The temperature rise will cause the ultrasonic transducer parameters to change, and gradually shift to the best matching state. More seriously, the temperature rise will cause the performance of the piezoelectric ceramic wafer to deteriorate. This in turn causes the ultrasonic transducer to work worse and heat up more quickly, which is a vicious circle. Therefore, we must give the ultrasonic transducer a good cooling condition, usually at room temperature and air cooling; if necessary, cold air cooling can also be used. Under the normal conditions, the temperature rise caused by these two points is also normal, and under normal cooling conditions, there will be no major problems.

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