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Ultrasonic transducer, working process cavitation of automatic ultrasonic cleaning machine

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The cavitation effect is that the transducer for ultrasonic cleaning transmits to the liquid at a high frequency conversion manner of a compression force of 20,000 times or more per second and a pressure reduction interaction. When the pressure is reduced, a phenomenon of vacuum nuclear group bubbles is generated in the liquid. When the compressive force acts, the vacuum core group bubbles are crushed by pressure to generate a strong impact force, thereby peeling off the dirt on the surface of the object to be cleaned, thereby achieving precision and washing purpose.In the ultrasonic cleaning process, the bubbles visible to the naked eye are not vacuum nuclear group bubbles, but air bubbles, which inhibit the cavitation and reduce the cleaning efficiency. Only the air bubbles in the liquid are completely removed, and the cavitation vacuum nuclear group bubbles can achieve the best results.

2. Straight flow

The phenomenon that ultrasonic waves flow in the direction of sound propagation in a liquid is called a straight forward flow. When the sound wave intensity is 0.5 W/cm2, the naked eye can see a straight flow. The flow is perpendicular to the vibration surface, and the flow rate is about 10 cm/s. Through this straight flow, the micro-oil dirt on the surface of the object to be cleaned is stirred, and the piezoelectric cleaning transducer on the surface of the dirt is also convected, and the dissolved solution of the dissolved dirt is mixed with the new liquid to accelerate the dissolution rate, and the handling of the dirt is very good.

3. Acceleration

The acceleration generated by the liquid particles. For the ultrasonic cleaning machine with higher frequency, the cavitation effect is not significant. At this time, the cleaning mainly relies on the acceleration of the liquid particles to impinge on the particles to perform ultra-precision cleaning on the dirt.Washing machine, ultrasonic, industrial ultrasonic cleaning machine, high frequency ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic transducer, fully automatic intelligent ultrasonic cleaning machine and other products. Recently, the company's products are widely used in cleaning glasses, jewelry, watches, pesticide residues and other civilian homes, and piezo ceramic ring crystal have expanded to medical, mechanical, textile, electronics, chemical fiber, petrochemical, colleges and universities, research laboratories, super hard Materials or military industries or departments.

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