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Ultrasonic piezoelectric transducers Is So Famous, But Why?

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Ultrasonic piezoelectric transducers Is So Famous, But Why?

                              Ultrasonic piezoelectric transducers Is So Famous, But Why?

    The mechanism of ultrasound piezoelectric transducers with PZT is still worth of discussing in the field of ultrasound medical cosmetology, but according to the biophysical characteristics,as for physicochemical effects of optical fiber aircraft piezoelectric disc , there is a rough understanding of the mechanism about ultrasound action.First, the ultrasound energy has a direct effect on the local area of action,The mechanical thermal and physicochemical effects of ultrasound cause the body's physiological ,which PZT material flexible piezoelectric disc responses to increase the body's local temperature, reduce pain and muscle spasms, improve blood circulation, improve metabolism, accelerating chemical reaction processes and PH, and Affecting the function of the enzyme system, these acoustic electrical model piezoelectric transducer changes inevitably have an impact on the local tissue function status of the body, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment.Ultrasonic effect on the distance from the organ relies mainly on the humoral transmission and the reflex activity of the nervous system.Two, As a stimulus, acting on the nerve endings inside and outside the receptors, resulting in impulsive system to produce adaptive activity to treat the disease.Piezo crystal for beauty device of the sound intensity is about 0. 5 a lwc, the mechanism of action with the above ultrasound treatment is basically the same, mainly thermal effects, mechanical massage effect and cavitation role.Ultrasound can cause many chemical reactions to accelerate and increase the permeability of the cell membrane, and can depoly the drug, making it easy to penetrate the bacteria, resulting in bacterial death.For example, the use of ultrasound through the entire skin or mucosal is under the conduction ultrasound, the permeability of the skin is increased and the penetration ability of the medicine is enhanced so that the medicine can easily penetrate into the skin, and the effect is deeper, resulting in the dual treatment effect of ultrasound and medicine, which is more than the simple ultrasonic action effective.

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