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Ultrasonic cleaning transducer matched by ultrasonic generator

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Ultrasonic generators in ultrasonic cleaners, also known as ultrasonic power supplies, generators, and ultrasonic controllers, are important components of ultrasonic cleaning transducer. The function of the ultrasonic generator is to convert the commercial power into a high-frequency alternating current signal matched with the ultrasonic transducer, and drive the ultrasonic transducer to work. The ultrasonic power supply is divided into a self-excited power source and an excitation power source. The self-excited power source is called an ultrasonic analog power source, and the excitation power source is called an ultrasonic generator. The ultrasonic generator can be divided into frequency adjustable ultrasonic generator and 1500W/3000W ultrasonic generator. The ultrasonic generator adopts the world's leading structure of the oscillating circuit, which increases the output power by more than 10% compared with the self-excited oscillating circuit structure. The ultrasonic amplifying circuit adopts a linear amplifying circuit and a switching power supply circuit. Advantages of the switching power supply circuit: The conversion efficiency is high, so the high-power ultrasonic power supply adopts this form. Advantages of linear power circuits: Circuit matching is not strictly required, allowing the operating frequency to change continuously and rapidly.

One: principle
The ultrasonic generator produces a signal of a specific frequency, which can be either a sinusoidal signal or a sinusoidal signal. This particular frequency is the frequency at which the piezoelectric ultrasonic cleaning transducer
operates.Ultrasonic equipment generally uses ultrasonic frequencies of 25 kHz, 28 kHz, 40 kHz, 68 kHz, 80 kHz, and 100 kHz.

Two: advantages

· Ultrasonic generator can monitor the working frequency and power of high power ultrasonic system;
· Ability to adjust various parameters in real time according to different requirements of users: power, amplitude, running time, etc.
· Frequency fine adjustment: adjust the frequency so that the ultrasonic transducer always works at the best state, the efficiency reaches the maximum, the adjustment range is 0.5%;
· Automatic follow-up: Once the device has been initially set up, it can be operated continuously without the need to adjust the generator;
· Amplitude control: When the load changes during the operation of the transducer, the drive characteristics can be automatically adjusted to ensure a stable amplitude of the tool head;
· System protection: When the system works in an unsuitable operating environment, the generator will stop working and alarm display, protecting the equipment from damage;
· Amplitude adjustment: The amplitude can be increased or decreased instantaneously during the working process, and the amplitude setting range is 0%~100%;
· Automatic frequency search: The working frequency of the tool head can be automatically determined and stored.

Three: signal feedback
The perfect ultrasonic generator has a feedback link, which mainly provides feedback signals in the following two aspects.

Output Power
When the ultrasonic generator input voltage changes, the output power of the generator also changes. The mechanical vibration of the ultrasonic transducer is unstable, resulting in poor working results. Therefore, it is necessary to stabilize the output power, and the power amplifier is adjusted correspondingly by the power feedback signal, so that the power amplification is stable.

Frequency tracking
The ultrasonic bath transducers operates at the resonant frequency point with the highest efficiency and the most stable operation. The resonant frequency point of the transducer changes due to assembly and aging. If the changed frequency is only drifting, the change is not large, the frequency tracking signal can control the signal generator, so that the frequency of the signal generator tracks the resonant frequency point of the transducer within a certain range, so that the generator works at an optimal state.

Four: Classification
It can be divided into frequency adjustable ultrasonic generator, 1500W/3000W two kinds of ultrasonic generators of high and small power, high frequency ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic power supply and digital display ultrasonic generator.

Frequency adjustable

The new type, the power is adjustable from "0" to 3000 watts, and the frequency can be 0.5% fine-tuned by the ultrasonic generator. Ultrasonic generators can be shared using different transducers.

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