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You are here: Home / News / Basics of Piezoelectric Ceramics / The characteristics of high quality piezoelectric buzzer and the working principle of buzzer?

The characteristics of high quality piezoelectric buzzer and the working principle of buzzer?

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The piezoelectric ceramics buzzer is composed of a piezoelectric ceramic sheet and has a piezoelectric effect. Widely used in clocks, computers, telephones, washing machines, various alarm devices, etc.

High-quality piezoelectric buzzer has the following characteristics:

1, the sound is clear
2, ultra-thin and light weight
3, no contact, no noise, highly reliable
4, low power consumption
5, low voltage, large displacement
6, fast response
7, high conversion efficiency
8, no electromagnetic interference
9, a wide range of operating temperatures

The sound source of the buzzer sound element is mainly from the piezoelectric ceramic sheet. The piezoelectric ceramic piece is composed of a piezoelectric ceramic plate printed with electrodes on both sides and a metal plate (brass or stainless steel, etc.). The adhesive is used to bond the piezoelectric vibrating plate to the metal sheet. This is what we call a ceramic piezo element buzzer.
The operation principle of the piezo buzzer element piece is that when a direct current voltage is applied between the two electrodes of the piezoelectric vibration plate, mechanical deformation is caused due to the piezoelectric effect. For a piezoelectric element is having a shape distortion, its deformation is extended in the radiation direction. Therefore, when the alternating voltage is passed through the electrode, the bending alternately occurs repeatedly, thereby generating sound waves in the air and making a sound. Buzzer Generally, the human audio range is between 20Hz and 20kHz. The most audible audio is 2kHz to 4kHz. Therefore, the piezo film element buzzer is divided into two types: the self drive piezo diaphram and the external drive piezo diaphram mode. The driving principle is different, but the working principle is the same.

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