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The advantage of ultrasonic cleaning in the industrial manufacturing products

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The ultrasonic cleaning device acts on the liquid medium by high-frequency oscillation to clean the workpiece. This cleaning technology has received attention from all walks of life since its inception. The use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment has greatly improved the work efficiency and cleaning accuracy. In the past, cleaning some blind spots such as blind corners has always caused people to feel headache`s. The development and application of ultrasonic technology has made cleaning blind spots blind. It's a breeze.With the continuous updating of electronic product technology, Industrial ultrasonic bath transducers are gradually integrated into our daily lives, just like the evolution of generations of processes, technology and technology.In industrial manufacturing, there are many advantages to using industrial ultrasonic cleaning equipment for cleaning. First, the main components of the ultrasonic cleaning equipment are first introduced:

  1. Cleaning tank: The container is containing the cleaning agent and the workpiece to be washed is generally made of 304 stainless steel or thick stainless steel. The general industrial cleaning machine is equipped with heating and temperature control devices.

  2. Ultrasonic cleaning transducer (ultrasonic generator): which converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. The frequency and power are based on detailed models and are related to factors such as user cleaning size and dirt.

  3. Power supply: Providing the required power for the transducer, the inverter power supply, the inlet IGBT component, and the overcurrent protection circuit.

After the transducer converts high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical energy, it generates a high-frequency vibration with a very small amplitude and propagates into the solution in the cleaning tank. Under the action of the transducer, the inside of the cleaning fluid will continuously generate a large number of tiny The bubbles burst in an instant, and the bursting of each bubble produces hundreds of degrees of high temperature, nearly a thousand atmospheric shock waves, constantly impacting the surface of the workpiece, thereby rinsing the workpiece. From the cleaning principle of ultrasonic cleaning equipment, we can easily understand why its cleaning efficiency and effect are amazing:

  1. Regardless of how complex the shape of the workpiece is, put it into the cleaning solution, as long as it is in contact with the liquid, ultrasonic cleaning can be achieved. If the pores are deep, the air is not easily discharged, and the ultrasonic waves are not easily reached, the Ultrasonic cleaner parts transducer device with the degasser can be used to quickly clean the position.

  2. The bubbles generated in the liquid during ultrasonic cleaning are relatively uniform, and the cleaning effect of the workpiece is relatively uniform compared with other cleaning methods.

  3. The use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment with cleaning agent accelerates the separation and dissolution of dirt, which can effectively prevent the erosion of the cleaning solution on the workpiece.

  4. No need to manually clean, prevent the damage caused by manual cleaning on the workpiece and the harm of the cleaning agent to the human body. The use of ultrasonic cleaning equipment not only saves labor but also improves the cleaning efficiency. It is believed that the ultrasonic cleaning method will become many industrial manufacturers.

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