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The Reasons Why We Love Piezoelectric Ceramics

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 The Reasons Why We Love Piezoelectric Ceramics

                                  The Reasons Why We Love Piezoelectric Ceramics

 Output of the whole piezoelectric ceramic device among the world market is the filter device, accounts are for 40% or so. Acoustic devices (buzzers, microphones, etc.) account for about 20% of the market. Piezo disc mounting piezoelectric ceramics for ultrasonic power converters account for around 10% of the market. Acoustics, filters for radio and television sets, high-voltage generators, High-performance piezo ring transducer is made of composite materials and optically clear ceramics have seen the fastest-growing production in 1987, the number of piezoelectric ceramic products is produced in Japan is estimated at 205 million pieces, worth 57,652,000,000 yen, an increase of T 13.2% is over 19,836. In previous years, the production of piezoelectric ceramic products (such as piezoelectric dielectric products without quartz resonators) was estimated at 152 million dollars in 1982, 182 million dollars in 1933, 280 million dollars in 1987, the average annual growth rate of the production of piezoelectric ceramic products was between 13% and 25%, while the annual average growth rate of piezo ring flow measurementin Japan was 19%. In the United States, the market for piezoceramic materials and components is expected to grow an average of 10% annually, up from $ 148 million (currently $ 63 million) by 1995. Of the three 3 piezoelectric ceramics are manufacturing companies, 25 belong to Japan and the United States (13 and 12, respectively). It has been observed that there is a certain degree of collaboration and professional division of labor among various companies. The crystal piezo ring pzt of largest companies own between 6 and 16 trademarked materials in their business activities, but none of them cover all of the application function categories.Depending on throughput and product characteristics, piezo ring transducer for ignition from several companies are developing product-specific materials or using one material for different products. Barium-based ceramics, anisotropic materials with large electromechanical coefficient, lead-free piezoelectric ceramics based on alkali metal salts, optically transparent ferroelectric ceramics, piezoelectric for low-frequency and high-frequency filters ceramics a "complex" has been widely used. A common task for piezoceramic rings flow measurement piezo ceramic production is reducing costs, increasing reliability and improving repeatability of product parameters in mass production is to simultaneously address the task and quantitatively improving functional properties. In Japan (over 80% of the world market) who dominate in the production of piezoceramics, piezoceramics are seen as key industries in the 1990s and early 2000s (eg, power engineering based on new energy sources , Electronics and Automation, Aerospace and Aviation, Machine Building). In the existing industrial sector, the piezoelectric ceramic ensures the high functional characteristics and reliability of the device, as well as the possibility of miniaturizing the product and reducing the weight.

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