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Ten Things That You Never Expect On Piezoelectric Ceramic Sensor

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 Ten Things That You Never Expect On Piezoelectric Ceramic Sensor

              Ten Things That You Never Expect On Piezoelectric Ceramic Sensor

Piezoelectric ceramics as a transducer, the scope of its application is broader than the oscillator. Piezoelectric transducers are one of them. They are underwater acoustic devices that emit and receive ultrasound underwater. Piezo ceramic discs are also widely used in industries as piezoelectric ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic precision machining, ultrasonic humidification and ultrasonic diagnostics. Another piezoelectric generators is widely used area for today's piezo-ultrasonic transducers is telemetry and remote control systems such as remote-controlled TV channel switching systems, automatic control of parking time recorders, milk analysis and more. The specific applications are piezoelectric ceramic buzzer, piezoelectric ignition, ultrasonic microscope, etc. In the future to solve the problem is to achieve high-power, high efficiency, high reliability, which requires further study of new piezoelectric materials and structures, get a greater boost ratio and higher conversion efficiency. If you do not consider the size of the piezoelectric transformer, increase power, used in negative ion generator and other electrical equipment. It has proved that the use of technology to produce multilayer piezoelectric ceramic transformers to meet the market notebook UI machine backlight requirements.Low-temperature sintering technology is getting more and more attention. Low-temperature sintering can not only reduce the volatility of high frequency transducer, thus ensuring the chemical composition of components of the accuracy, and the history will greatly reduce the pollution of the environment. China's Tsinghua University Li Long soil and others with a series of glass frit as an additive, the sintering temperature of the porcelain reduced from the original to about, while the piezoelectric properties and stability of the sintered porcelain is than the original performance of the porcelain. This porcelain has been successfully used to make high step-up ratio of monolithic piezo ceramic transformers. In addition, with the improvement of people's awareness of environmental protection, lead-based piezoelectric ceramics for ultrasonic welding are being replaced by lead-free piezoelectric ceramics step by step. The research and application of lead-free piezoelectric ceramics have also become the hot spots currently developed. It has developed a series of niobate-based piezo ceramics, bismuth layered piezoelectric ceramics, titanate ceramics and a series of lead-free piezoelectric ceramics, the performance has been a great breakthrough. All electronic products are lead-free. And some countries have also legislated against the use of lead-containing piezoelectric ferroelectric materials. Therefore, from the development point of view, looking for alternative lead-free piezoelectric ceramic materials is a very necessary and urgent issue.

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