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Storage instructions and vibration modes of piezoelectric ceramics

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Piezoelectric ceramic plates have no piezoelectric effect or anti-piezoelectric effect, because their interiors cancel each other out before polarization. Therefore, the answer to question one is no. As for the temperature resistance of the piezoelectric ceramic sheet, it is usually about half of the curie temperature. However, the Curie temperature of piezoelectric ceramics with different materials is different.

Specifically, storage of piezoelectric ceramic actuator is not complicated and can be easily performed. That is, a certain number of piezoelectric ceramic sheets are first wrapped with a layer of wire, and then wrapped with another layer of wire to form a cylinder, and then stored. However, it can also be stored separately in a pouch. Just avoid scratching and dropping the silver layer.

The specific difference between the deformation of a piezo ceramic component and a piezo quartz crystal is that the piezoelectric ceramic plate is deformed in volume to generate an electric charge, while the piezo quartz crystal is deformed in area. However, the answer to the question of whether zinc oxide resistors belong to piezoelectric ceramic sheets is no. Because zinc oxide resistor is a piezo ceramic, it is not a piezoelectric functional ceramic. Therefore, it does not belong to the piezoelectric ceramic sheet.

The electromechanical conversion of piezoelectric ceramics requires vibration. Common vibration modes include many aspects.

First of all, the motion of the vibrating particles and the propagation of waves are carried along the direction of the strip.

Secondly, the bending vibration of a long thickness will stick the vibrator together with an adhesive, one piece will be stretched and deformed, and the other will be contracted and deformed.

3. The motion of vibrating particles and the propagation of waves in the radial diffusion of the wafer both expand in the radial direction.

Fourth, the thickness of the wafer is bent and vibrated to laminate the vibrator, and the thickness of the wafer is bent and vibrated.

Fifth, thickness shear vibration of piezoelectric ceramic crystal can be achieved in the case where the polarization direction and the excitation electric field are perpendicular to each other.

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