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Several important principles and directions for selecting piezoelectric ceramics

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Piezoelectric ceramics are functional materials that convert electrical energy into displacement or output, and are widely used in various fields such as precision positioning, semiconductor processing, and micro-imaging.

First, the characteristics of piezoelectric ceramics

1. large output and high mechanical load capacity
2.High stiffness and high dynamics
3 .Vacuum environment compatibility, high resolution

Second, the application principle of piezoelectric ceramics

Making sure that piezoelectric ceramic pzt will bring your application unmatched advantages over other solutions. If the use of piezoelectric ceramics is only used for cost reasons, then the feasibility of this solution is worth considering. Please analyze and design your application correctly, and use the force and displacement that can be achieved by electric porcelain. We must pay attention to the rationality of mechanical design. Only by adopting a reasonable mechanical design can we make full use of the performance of piezoelectric ceramics, including the advantages of high reliability, good repeatability and long service life.

If innovative piezoelectric ceramic technology is used, but the old mechanical structure system is still used, the upgrade of the system will often fail, so it is necessary to consider redesigning the external mechanical structure system. Piezoceramics cannot cover 100% of all applications in all areas. Piezoelectric ceramics are often used in different applications, and their applicability may not be reflected in the parameter table. Therefore, we should carefully analyze and select alternative products.

 The technical parameters of ultrasonic piezoelectric disks were tested under the different test conditions. When it is operating in different ways, piezoelectric ceramics may exhibit different properties, while piezoelectric ceramics with different piezoelectric materials and processes have very different properties.

Third, the service life and reliability of piezoceramic wafer plate depends on the parameters and application conditions of piezoelectric ceramics.

Therefore, it is not possible to evaluate all reliability in the test environment. This method tests the system under a set of actual operating conditions.Even for well-functioning piezo-mechanical systems, new parameter calibrations and applicability evaluations are required for small changes in drive conditions or system design. Please note: Maximum displacement and maximum output cannot occur at the same time. The actual working frequency of a piezoelectric mechanical system is usually much lower than the resonant frequency of piezoelectric ceramics.

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