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Seven Preparations You Should Make Before Using Piezo Plates And Blocks

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 Seven Preparations You Should Make Before Using Piezo Plates And Blocks

                     Seven Preparations You Should Make Before Using Piezo Plates And Blocks

In the practical of piezoelectric ceramic materials, lead-based piezoelectric ceramics are dominated, the sintering temperature ultrasonic atomizing piezoelectric mostly is about 1200 ~ 1 300°C. Due to the high temperature PbO volatile of piezo transducer datesheet is serious, leading to stoichiometric deviation, performance degradation, and the pollution of the environment At present, the barometric pressure sensor is commonly used for sealing and sintering method, the atmosphere sheet method, buried powder method, excessive PbO method just to ensure that the formula stoichiometry unchanged, it can not fundamentally eliminate the volatilization of PbO.Active inhibition of PbO volatility and effective method is to achieve If low temperature sintering of piezoelectric ceramic material can be sintered before PbO is obviously volatilized, this problem can be completely solved.On the other hand, in order to meet the need of integrated circuit surface mount technology (SMT),pickup piezo transducer piezoelectric ceramic components have high-performance, miniaturization and integration of the trend of development, one of the piezoelectric sensor working is laminated for piezo ceramic composite ,which laminates structure currently, there are two ways.One method is to firstly burn a single, then sticky into a laminated structure, but this will reduce the overall performance of the device, the other method pzt piezo crystal is to use Pt, Pd and other precious metals as the internal electrode so that a multilayer lamination, but the cost is expensive In order to reduce the cost, the multilayer structure device generally requires the use  as the internal electrode with good conductivity and low price, because of its low melting point, the sintering temperature thermoelectric transducer piezo is too high,which will cause silver ions to spread to the ceramic layer so that the insulation of the ceramic material.Therefore, the development of low-temperature sintered piezoelectric ceramic materials has become the development of high performance, high reliability, low-cost laminated piezoelectric ceramic have composite important research direction.Quartz piezoelectric actuator is to achieve the significance of low-temperature sintering piezoelectric ceramics.Which not only has important technical and economic value in inhibiting PbO volatilization, ensuring material properties, reducing environmental pollution and prolonging the service life of the equipment, but also has the important technical and economic value in the time of using pure silver electricity is to sinter into a laminated structure piezoelectric ceramic component and low temperature sintering piezoelectric ceramic materials.

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