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Professional analytic principle of piezoelectric ceramic

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Professional analytic principle of piezoelectric ceramic

                      Professional analytic principle of piezoelectric ceramic

Guide language: it is well known that belongs to a kind of piezoelectric ceramics have excellent properties such as piezoelectric, dielectric properties, elasticity of electronic ceramic material. Piezoelectric ceramics under the mechanical effect, can produce some of the piezoelectric effect, the response is very sensitivity, make full use of it can be widely used in medical field and acoustic field. Actually small make up understand, piezoelectric ceramics in addition to the role in the high-tech fields, is inseparable with our daily life. So, what is the principle of piezoelectric ceramic, let's get together and see it.
The macro explanation of piezoelectric properties
We know that a ceramic molecular piezo crystal plate phase is grain, the grain is a ferroelectricity, because of the inside of the ceramic grain orientation is random, so each internal iron electrical grain spontaneous polarization vector is no rules to follow, orientation is in chaos. So in order to make the ceramic show we want to get the piezoelectric properties, can be strong polarization of dc field processing. After processing, the orientation will naturally become the optimization of orientation of chaos. After the electric field to evacuate, ceramic will not fully recover the original state, but the remaining part of polarization, so has the rectangular piezo ceramic quartz.
The principle of piezoelectric ceramic
Physical mechanism is piezoelectric effect
The polarization of processing is obviously make ceramic piezoelectric crucial step, this step of physical mechanism can be explained by the charge. After polarization ceramic bound charge will appear on both ends of the outside world of free charge will be adsorbed on the electrode surface, this is a process of charging. Then, when there is external pressure to ceramics, both ends will discharge to the world; On the other hand, when a reverse effect has the external force, both ends will be recharged. The process to achieve the mechanical effect to the conversion of the electric effect, this phenomenon is also known as positive piezoelectric effect.

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