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Piezoelectric effect types and materials of piezoelectric ceramic sheets

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Piezoelectric effect types and materials of piezoelectric ceramic sheets   

1.How to use piezoelectric ceramic chip? Why do piezoelectric ceramic chips have to use ferroelectric materials?    

 For piezoelectric ceramics, in order to have application value, it must have piezoelectric effect Pzt ceramics spheres. Otherwise, it is no different from ordinary ceramics. As for piezoelectric ceramics, ferroelectric piezo materials should be used, because piezoelectric ceramics have piezoelectric effect only after artificial polarization. Therefore, it is required that the direction of the distance between the electrodes inside the material can rotate under the action of the external electric field. Therefore, it is necessary to use ferroelectric materials.     

2.What is the principle of piezoelectric ceramic transducer?         

   The principle of piezoelectric transducer is that when polarized energy harvesting piezoelectric plate is excited by periodic signal, it will produce stretching vibration. In addition, the surrounding media will be pushed to move. In addition, under the promotion of the medium, the vibration of expansion and contraction is generated, thus the electrical signal is generated. Therefore, the transducer is formed by it.           

3.Is there any difference between transverse piezoelectric effect and longitudinal piezoelectric effect in piezoelectric ceramics? 

The piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics is also divided into transverse and longitudinal. So, if we look at the definitions, there is a certain difference between them, that is, the transverse piezoelectric effect refers to the piezoelectric effect generated by the electric charge generated along the Y-axis of the mechanical axis. Longitudinal piezoelectric effect piezoelectric cylinder crystal: it refers to the use of electric charge generated along the X axis of the electric axis to produce piezoelectric effect.   

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