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Piezoelectric ceramics used for daily life

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Piezoelectric ceramics used for daily life

                                              Piezoelectric ceramics used for daily life

The application of piezoelectric materials is being used throughout the daily life ,people almost is involved in the application of piezoelectric every day.First,Electronic clocks, children's toys, voice control doors, telephone, alarm and piezoelectric resonator sensor, buzzer; Second,cigarettes, gas stoves, water heaters and other ignition to use piezoelectric ignition; Third,shops, banks, security Site management, clean room and reconnaissance, defect detection and other occasions may be used to verify each person's handwriting and sound characteristics of the piezoelectric sensor. Forth,Household electrical products such as televisions to use piezoelectric ceramic filters, piezoelectric transformers, piezoelectric SAW filters, and even piezoelectric fans; Firth,tape recorders to use piezoelectric horn, piezoelectric microphones; Then video recorders and cameras to use piezoelectric Motor and other examples; piezoelectric ceramic transformer small size, light weight, can be made into a flat shape, it is actually no electromagnetic noise, only produce limited heat, and conversion efficiency is high, and Finally,they has been used in piezo crystal display and backlight power supply of notebook computers and copiers and high-voltage power supply of fax machines .

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