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Piezoelectric ceramic used for dental scaler

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 Piezoelectric ceramic used for dental scaler

  Piezoelectric ceramic used for dental scaler

The dental scaler for medical devices, especially in foreign countries in Western Europe, has been widely used, decontamination, polishing, filling and correction of multifunctional cleaner and more popular. In recent years, some domestic manufacturers imitate similar products,like the product performance and appearance of piezo discs and cylinders, there are not high power, good durability, poor removal effect, theperformance of transducer cannot pass, but there are many defaults to carry heavy roughly and inconveniently  As a mature, perfect and practical medical devices, whether it is the research unit, or a manufacturer, a dental scaler belongs to ultrasonic cleaning machine, ultrasonic power is in one of the application. The cleaning principle is realized by the so-called cavitation action of ultrasonic wave. When the ultrasonic wave acts on the surface of the cleaning material, the dirt is emulsified, dispersed and washed away, so as to achieve the purpose of HIFU ultrasound piezo crystal for beauty device. There are two kinds of ultrasonic transducers: magnetostrictive transducer and sandwich high focusing piezoelectric transducer. Magnetostrictive transducer has the advantages of high mechanical strength, large radiation power per unit area, stable working performance and moderate electroacoustic efficiency, but the winding process is complicated and bulky. Piezoelectric ceramic transducer has high electroacoustic efficiency, simple structure and wide range of piezoelectric ceramic sources.

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