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Piezo Crystals Will Be A Thing Of The Past And Here's Why

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 Piezo Crystals Will Be A Thing Of The Past And Here's Why

                             Piezo Crystals Will Be A Thing Of The Past And Here's Why

  Preparation process of piezoelectric ceramic is to prepare excellent performance piezoelectric ceramic materials, we must first select the appropriate system composition, only in the premise of the appropriate ultrasonic piezo disc quartz composition ratio, it is possible to develop a good performance of the material. The current preparation of piezoelectric ceramics is mainly modified by doping in barium titanate derived. The traditional production process of piezo tube crystal datasheet does not fully adapt to the current performance of piezoelectric ceramics, especially for the development of lead-free piezoelectric ceramics. With the successful application of sol and gel processes, especially in the preparation of piezo ceramic films, sol and gel processes have now become fibrous. The chemical primary particles of piezoelectric tube crystal datasheet for hydrophone are first prepared by a sol and gel method and then the resulting gel slurry is extruded into fibers. After the extruded fibers of acoustic piezoelectric tube voltage are aged and dried, a monolithic fiber gel is obtained. In order to promote the liquid phase sintering, it is added to the first sol, and pure fibers having an average diameter of less than or equal to each other can be obtained by firing in the air at a temperature raising rate. These fibers have only a uniform distribution of twin-crystal microstructures and can be polarized with high electric fields and reduce the intergranular stress caused by large tetragonal distortions during polarization. Sensitive piezo ceramic can have positive piezoelectric effect, the successful development of electrostrictive intelligent shock absorber, due to the use of high-sensitivity ceramic components, this shock absorber has to identify the road and can do self-regulating function, the car can cause rough road surface vibration to the minimum.

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