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Piezo Ceramic material introduce

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Piezo Ceramic material introduce

About the application of piezoelectric ceramic material is very much. Piezoelectric ceramic is a product of contemporary new technology, using a piezoelectric effect. Piezoelectric effect is a kind of information conversion device, mainly used in sound transducer, piezoelectric det, piezoelectric lighters, nuclear goggles, ultrasonic transducer, sonar etc of piezoelectric ceramic are exist, piezoelectric ceramic is very widely used in the modern life, the following is about the piezoelectric ceramic to introduce in detail.


一:inorganic piezoelectric materials

Divided into piezoelectric crystal and piezoelectric ceramics, piezoelectric crystal generally refers to the piezoelectric single crystal; Piezoelectric ceramic is referring piezoelectric polycrystal. Piezoelectric ceramic refers to the raw materials with the necessary ingredients for mixing, molding, high temperature sintering, by powder sintering process between solid instead should and get fine grain random collection of polycrystal. With piezoelectric ceramic piezoelectric ceramic, is actually ferroelectric ceramics. In this kind of ceramic grain between ferroelectric domain, ferroelectric domain by the spontaneous polarization direction parallel to the reverse of 180 domain and spontaneous polarization direction perpendicular 90 domain of the electrical domain polarization (apply a dc field) in artificial condition, the spontaneous polarization in accordance with the direction of the electric field full arrangement and keep the remaining after the undo electric field polarization, so has the macroscopic piezoelectric. Such as barium titanate (BT, lead zirconate titanate PZ


二:Organic piezoelectric materials

Also called piezoelectric polymer, such as poly (vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) (film) and the other as a representative of other organic piezoelectric materials (film). This kind of material and the material of the flexible, low density, low resistance and high voltage constant (g) the advantages of attracting the attention from the world, and developing very rapidly, ultrasonic measurement, acoustic pressure sensor, ignition detonated, etc for application. Deficiency is the piezoelectric constant strain (d) on the low side, make it as the active transmitting transducer was very limited. The third class is a composite piezoelectric material, this kind of material is the organic polymer substrate materials embedded in the sheet, rod, rod, or powder consisting of piezoelectric materials. Has been in the underwater acoustic and acoustic, ultrasonic, medical and other fields has been widely used. If made underwater acoustic transducer, it not only has high hydrostatic pressure response rate, and impact resistance


The main material we use is PZT, PZT material have widely use in many field.

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