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Never Underestimate The Influence Of Piezo Discs And Cylinders

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 Never Underestimate The Influence Of Piezo Discs And Cylinders

                                  Never Underestimate The Influence Of Piezo Discs And Cylinders

The role of the soft additive is to make the ultrasonic atomizing piezoelectric ceramic material soften, which is manifested that the dielectric constant of the piezoelectric sensor datasheetmaterial is increased, the dielectric loss tanδ is increased, the electromechanical coupling coefficient kp is increased, the volume resistivity and so on. During the piezo ceramic cylinder in series of sintering process, Bi3 + ions enter into the solid solution of Pb (Zr, Ti) O3, displacing the position of Pb, resulting in the absence of Pb2 +. Due to the absence of Pb2 +, the electronic piezoceramic disc crystal become easy to carry out. Even very small electric field strength or mechanical stress can move the domain walls. Due to the easy steering of the piezoceramic disc vibration sensor , the number of domains is oriented in the direction of the electric field is increased. Thus increasing of the remanent polarization. The piezoelectric effect is greatly increased. Soft additives will increase the volume resistivity of ceramic materials, so that in strong field, ceramic dielectric loss is higher, under high temperature and pressure piezoelectric properties drift larger. , With the increase of Bi2O3 additive, the electromechanical coupling coefficient kp of PZT-4 ceramic material also increases, but at the same time the dielectric loss tanδ of piezoceramic disc datasheet vibration is also increasing. Its properties as a soft additive are quite obvious. Effect of Fe2O3 Additives Fe2O3 is a hard additive whose function is to make the material hard, which is characterized by lower dielectric loss, lower volume resistivity, lower elastic compliant coefficient and lower kp. Their general solid solution in the ceramic material structure is very small, their presence does not cause Pb2 + vacancy, but caused by O2 + vacancy.O2 + vacancy caused by the contraction of ceramic cells and distortion. This leads to an increase in the mechanical quality factor (Qm), an increase in the coercive field, and a decrease in the dielectric constant. Another significant effect of hard additives is that they prevent grain growth during firing. Because of its small amount of piezoceramic crystal PZT materialin the solid solution, the majority of the aggregation in the grain boundary, making the growth of the obstruction, so that the stomata may be fully ruled out along the grain boundaries, resulting in higher firing density. Effect of Fe2O3 additive on the properties of PZT-4 type Materials. The difference of Fe 2O3 content results in that the PZT-4 type material kp and the strong field dielectric loss performance parameters decrease gradually.

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