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Manufacturing process of piezoelectric ceramics

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Manufacturing process of piezoelectric ceramics

                    Manufacturing process of piezoelectric ceramics

To prepare ultrasonic piezoceramic rings piezoelectric ceramic materials with excellent performance, we must first select the appropriate system composition, and only under the premise of the appropriate composition ratio, it is possible to develop high-performance materials. The current preparation of customized crystal piezo piezoelectric ceramics is mainly modified by doping in barium titanate derived. The traditional production process can not fully adapt to the current performance of pickup piezo transducer piezoelectric ceramics, especially for the development of lead-free piezoelectric ceramics is even more so. With the successful application of sol and gel methods (especially in the preparation of ceramic films), Now has been able to do with fibrous sol and gel method. First, a sol and gel process is used to prepare (chemical primary particles and then extruding the resulting gel slurry into fibers.) The extruded fibers of piezoelectric transducer hemispherical are aged and dried to obtain a monolithic fiber gel. Liquid phase sintering, and will be added to the initial sol heating rate, sintered in the atmosphere, you can get the average diameter of less than or equal to the pure fibers of these fibers only pore distribution of twin crystal microstructure can be high electric field polarization , And reducing the intergranular stress caused by the large quadrilateral distortion during polarization.

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