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Maintenance and maintenance of ultrasonic molds

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Is the mold in operation in a normal state, and the various parts of piezoelectric ultrasonic welding transducer. such as the guide post, the ejector pin, and the row position are worn, is the lubrication good? It is required to add oil at least 12 hours, and the special structure should increase the number of refueling.

1.Whether the screws and the clamping clamp of the fixed template of the mold are loose; The normal production condition: the upper and lower surfaces of Piezo ceramic ring transducer should be cleaned before the mold is installed to ensure that the mold mounting surface and the press table surface are not crushed and the mold is in the mold. production of vertical parallelism of the mounting surface; die installed after the mold is open, the mold distinguish clean each part, in particular the guide means, to the surface of the mold member, which is to clear the profile, to ensure the quality of the parts; each sliding portion of the mold for lubrication, grease is applied; inspection of each part of the mold, in particular a safety member. Such as: safety side pin, safety screw, side guard plate, punching waste road, etc.; checking whether the defects of the piezo ceramic ring crystal is related to the mold;

2.After the production, the mold should be thoroughly inspected and rust-proofed: dry type cavity, the core, ejection mechanism and other parts of the bit line and the water spray dies of rust or buttering; put to the designated place, and make a record;

Second, the routine inspection and maintenance of each season:piezo ring for ultrasonic washing mainly for the cleaning and maintenance of molds that have not been used for more than two months. Open the mold and check the internal anti-rust effect. If there is any abnormality, it must be re-rust-proofed. The mold that has not been used for a long time must be coated with butter. Wrap it with tarpaulin to prevent oxidation of the aluminum-titanium alloy.

Maintenance ultrasound mold of ultrasonic welding transducer to rust, crash, except gill missing parts (by preventing the cloth wiping die / punch feed / hand wipe / outlet clamp bumper burrs caused by a mold), anti-pressure (by preventing the mold from retain product and mold caused by clamping and crushing), under voltage (low voltage protection due to mold damage caused by excessive pressure to prevent).

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