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Lessons I've Learned From Ultrasonic Transducers

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 Lessons I've Learned From Ultrasonic Transducers

 Lessons I've Learned From Ultrasonic Transducers

  Pipeline ultrasonic depth transducer for underwater pipeline non-destructive testing, mainly to determine the two parameters, one is the wall thickness to determine the extent of pipeline corrosion; the second is the mileage to determine the location of the defect.
1, Ultrasonic measurement tube wall thickness detect ultrasonic transducers, which transmits ultrasonic energy pulse to the tube, and then detects the inner diameter reflected wave.

the outer diameter reflected wave by the receiving mode and the arrival time of each reflected wave is recorded.The propagation time of the transmitted wave in the pipe wall can be determined by dividing the measurement total propagation time difference by two. The wall thickness is calculated from the propagation time and velocity of the underwater sound ultrasonic transducer wave in the steel.

2.Mileage determination pipeline depth sounder transducer for finder to determine the mileage (that is, positioning) There are two methods of positioning and positioning methods outside. The internal positioning is achieved by the detector's range wheel. Each revolution of the range wheel detects a signal from the detector's internal positioning device. This signal is converted to a digital signal and stored in the memory as a positioning signal. The distance between the two alignment marks represents the circumference of the mile wheel. External positioning refers to the positioning signal source ,which generates a signal for 1MHz underwater ultrasonic transducer outside the detector, the signal is received by the crawler and stored as a positioning mark signal in the data memory. As the mileage wheel is easy to slip, so the positioning data is not accurate. In the case of external positioning, the positioning data is not accurate because it is impossible to set the interval of the signal source small. In actual use, often combines the two together, the positioning signal outside the long-range positioning signal to align the internal positioning signal calibration.

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