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Is Piezo Discs And Cylinders Still Relevant?

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Is Piezo Discs And Cylinders Still Relevant?

                            Is Piezo Discs And Cylinders Still Relevant?

Piezoelectricity of materials and the application of piezoelectric ceramics,all materials are affected by the composition through the structure of its performance, In the preparation of all materials, composition - process - structure - performance,piezoelectric generator is always closely related between the material the piezoelectricity is also closely related to its internal microstructure. With the further understanding of the piezoelectricity of materials and the extensive application of piezo electric sensorin daily life and production, piezoelectric ceramics have developed into a series of products involving a series of research and development topics. Some anisotropic crystals, under the action of external force to produce deformation, the relative displacement of charged particles, resulting in the binding piezoelectric transducer materials  charge crystal, this phenomenon is called the piezoelectric effect. Some media in the mechanical pressure, even if this pressure of ultrasonic air transducer is as small as the sound wave vibration as small, which will produce compression or elongation and other shape changes, causing the dielectric surface charge, which is the positive piezoelectric effect;On the contrary, the application of excitation electric field, the medium will have mechanical deformation called inverse piezoelectric effect; this property of the crystal is called piezoelectricity. The piezoelectric effect reflects the coupling between the elastic and dielectric properties of the crystal. Piezo bimorph actuator was first discovered by the curie brothers on quartz crystals. A few months later, they also verified the inverse piezoelectric effect experimentally by applying strain and stress to the crystals when an electric field was applied. Piezoelectric ceramic material barium titanate has been made in the United States, the former Soviet Union and Japan. Barium titanate piezoelectric ceramic device was born. In the early 84's, another kind of piezoelectric ceramic material with much better performance than barium titanate - lead zirconate titanate was successfully developed.

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