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Introduction of Ultrasonic Fuel sensor

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Introduction of Ultrasonic Fuel sensor

 Introduction of Ultrasonic Fuel Sensor
This ultrasonic fuel level detector uses the ultrasonic detection technology to measure the height of fuel level in container and output a standard electrical signal after through circuit processing. Ultrasonic sensors outer adheres on the bottom of the fuel tank and no need directly to contact with the fuel level that could be real-time detection the height of fuel level. It could be widely used in various types of vehicles fuel level measuring and monitoring, also could be combined with GPS/GPRS communication technology, through the computer software management platform to achieve scientific management vehicles, prevent fuel theft behavior and save the vehicle operating cost.
1) Measuring precision. The measurement resolution is 0.1mm and measurement accuracy is ±0.5%. Ultrasonic sensor makes the temperature correction in -40 ℃ to +80 ℃ and make sure it could run under the high or low temperature external environment and to collect accurate data.
2) Good stability. It uses the newest ultrasonic non-contact technology, compare with the traditional measuring method of direct contact 、float-type 、pressure-type 、magnetic system of sliding, it does not contact with fuel level directly and could be sure its stability and long-life.
3) Easy installation. You need to install it on the bottom of fuel tank and no need to change the original tank structure, without punch or change the fuel tank and could measure the fuel capacity directly so that could be saving the cost of installation;
4) Simple application. When we designed this product before, we had taken into account to butt joint with all kinds of communication product data. When you choose it you could find it could be directly combined with the common GPS/GPRS transmission module thus to reduce the secondary development of users’ and achieve to the correct and manage the height of liquid level;
5) Strong antistatic ability (EMC). It could eliminate most of the auto parts produced by electrostatic interference, even the lightning electromagnetic interference.
6) With standardization data interface. There are analog voltage (1-5V) and current (4-20mA) output, digital output of RS232 and RS485;
7) Alarm output. It could be external horn and achieve alarm when the fuel level rapid declines or the wire was cut;
Advantage :
1: We have the fuel level meter which supports the GPS/GPRS tracking. Owning it means you can be home free and have the data of the tanks.It would also be a smart choice to apply it to your fleet management.It has alarm for fuel input and alarm for level dropping rapidly.Can help you know the situation in time.
2:Easy install, no need make hole , more smart ,high accuacry .
03. Usage:
1) Fuel level measurement of various kinds of vehicles (for current fuel capacity, refuel, fuel consumption and anti-theft fuel);
2)In industrial: Measuring liquid displacement, thickness, distance, liquid level, material level …it is suitable for measuring the level of medium, liquid gas fuel level detector with gps tracker medium height measurement;

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