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Improving properties of piezo ceramics

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 Improving properties of piezo ceramics

                               Improving properties of piezo ceramics

During the production and research, it often uses some oxides and compounds as trace additives to improve the performance of piezoelectric ceramics. These trace additions replace the positions of some titanium ions and zirconium ions respectively in PZT, which makes the piezo ceramic discs in the grains,which is easy to move that is resulting in a marked decrease of the coercive electric field and reduction of the three polarization conditions. Ultrasound piezoelectric sensor is easily polarized. After long-term repeated experiments to determine 6. 5 MHz piezoelectric ceramic filter to the modified PZT material, which is composed of Pb0. 90Sr0. 05Mg0 03 Ba0 02 (Zr0. 53Ti0 47) O3 +, CeO2 + MnO2. piezoelectric ceramic material is after pre-burning, molding, firing, grinding process, 24 mm×0. 35 mm of the round piezo ceramics is on both sides of the silver, piezo vibration sensoris placed in an oven at 100 ℃ Bake 10 min or more, to the silver layer blue hair removed tiles. Then electrical piezo ceramic will be good silver porcelain placed in a box furnace to 15 ℃ / 6 min heating rate uniform heating to 100 ℃, constant temperature is 0.5 h, which continues to 15 ℃ / 6 min heating rate uniform is heating to 400 ℃, and then 20 ℃ / 6 min heating rate uniform that is heating to 700 ℃, constant temperature is 20 min, block crystal piezoelectric is slowly cooled to below 100 ℃ baked  ,Constant temperature is 0.5 h,which continues to 15 ℃ / 6 min heating rate uniform heating to 400 ℃, then 20 ℃ / 6 min heating rate uniform heating to 700 ℃, constant temperature is 20 min, slowly cooled to below 100 ℃ baked . Placed good silver porcelain placed at room temperature for 12 h into the silicone tank, polarized under different polarization conditions, after 24 h to measure the piezoelectric properties. Influencing of polarization temperature on piezoelectric properties under the conditions of E = 2.0 kV / mm and t = 15 min, the polarization of piezoelectric ceramic was changed by T, and the variation of d33 with E was studied. With the increase of T, d33 starts to increase rapidly. When the polarization temperature reaches 130 ℃, the value of d33 spherical piezoelectric pickup remains basically unchanged. This is because at lower temperatures, as the temperature increases, the crystallographic axial ratio c / a becomes smaller, and the activity of the domains increases. As a result, the internal stress due to the electric field inversion at 90°decreases, that the electric domain steering is affected .The resistance becomes smaller, domains are easy to align, so polarization is easier. When T reaches 130 ℃, most of the piezoelectric domain steering is completed, turning to saturation, so the value of d33 no longer changes.  

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