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You are here: Home / News / Basics of Piezoelectric Ceramics / How does the distinction the piezoelectric ceramic sheets and how to combine the metal?

How does the distinction the piezoelectric ceramic sheets and how to combine the metal?

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       1. If the piezoelectric ceramic piece has been bonded to the copper , what should I do? In addition, about the capsulation, how to choose?

       For the first problem, the processing method of piezoelectric discs crystal is very simple. Just test whether the curie temperature of the piezoelectric ceramic sheet exceeds 400 degrees. If it exceeds, the piezoelectric performance will disappear. At this time, the wire joint can be bonded to the surface of the piezoelectric ceramic sheet with a conductive adhesive, and then the joint of the copper piece can be welded. For the latter problem, it is necessary to consider the specific usage and needs, and then decide the specific package form.

       2. Is there a difference between piezoelectric ceramic chips and ceramic capacitors?

       Piezoelectric ceramic sheets and ceramic capacitors, these two, from a professional point of view, they are somewhat different, although they are not much different in material and structure. However, there are still some differences in the stress deformation of the medium. Therefore, the two piezo ceramic disks transducer cannot be completely equal.


      3. How to combine piezoelectric ceramic sheets with metal?

       In this case, usually, the ultrasonic piezoelectric ceramic measurement is bonded to the metal by an epoxy resin, and basically there is no glue is used. However, it is also possible to use glue. It is necessary to note that the glue is applied by silk screen or dispensing. Moreover, the glue should be completely cured, and it must be compacted during the curing process so as not to affect the performance of the piezoelectric ceramic sheet.

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