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How Piezo Became A Globally Well-Known Brand

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 How Piezo Became A Globally Well-Known Brand

                            How Piezo Became A Globally Well-Known Brand

This is a device that converts a mechanical force into a spark that ignites the combustible material. It is an electromechanical transducer. Using the piezoelectric barium titanate (BaTiO) to ignite in 1958,. However, the ignition rate of this material is not high and the noise is high. PZT piezo electric ceramics have been used to make igniters Since 1962. Ignitors are widely used in the daily life, industrial production and military aspects, which is used to ignite gas and various explosives and rocket ignition.

Working process of ignition needs three stages : high-pressure, discharge ignition and ignite combustible gas. High pressure generation ——a cylindrical piezoelectric ceramic element is as for example, when the mechanical force F is acting on the cylinder, the electronic piezoceramic crystal distortion will occurs, resulting in positive and negative charge of the crystal deviates, resulting in a large accumulation of free charges on the upper and lower surfaces of the cylinder and produce high voltage output. The output voltage is discharge ignition —— the piezoelectric ceramic components are placed in a closed loop, the impact block can bring impact force for piezoelectric ceramic components, withthe lead zirconate titanate piezoelectric ceramic material, the step-up ratio increased to 300 - 500times, and gradually promote to use for elevisions, electrostatic copiers, negative ion generator,the resonant frequency of the piezo ceramic chip to obtain high voltage, the entire piezo ceramic is divided into two parts.

piezo ceramics is used for piezoelectric gyroscope, it is the spacecraft flying in space and the rudder of artificial satellite. Relying on the rudder, spacecraft and satellite to ensure its established orientation and route. Small and exquisite cylinder piezoelectric sensor gyroscope has high sensitivity, good reliability.

Doctors will put piezoelectric probe in the human body parts to exam, emitting the ultrasonic wave after be charged with electricity, it reach the human body and produce an echo, and then receive this echo , it is displayed on the screen, the doctor can understand the situation of human body .

Piezoelectric ceramic is used in diesel fuel injection technology, which has the following characteristics: high-pressure production and injection control are independently carried out, the pressure of injection can be adjusted in a wide range according to engine operating conditions; It can also realize pre-injection, main injection and multiple injection; it can freely change the fuel injection parameters and fuel injection shape ,it can control fuel injection with high degree of freedom, greatly improving the combustion efficiency of diesel engines, reducing emissions and improving engine performance pickup piezo transducer .

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