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How Do You Choose The Best Piezo Crystals

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 How Do You Choose The Best Piezo Crystals

                               How Do You Choose The Best Piezo Crystals

The Potentials of piezoceramic sensors is for the maintenance of Transport Equipment and Internal Combustion Engines,The Detonation Sensor of an Internal Combustion Engine; The Detonation Sensor is a planar piezoceramic crystal ,converter whose resonant frequency (about 6 k Hz) has impact vibration frequency. PZT material piezoceramic crystal have been developed to adjust the ignition lead angle and to control the combustion of the fuel in each individual cylinder. The engine fuel nozzle has a piezoelectric ceramic element is incorporated there. The piezoelectric ceramic passes through a needle valve (ball valve ); The use of piezoelectric ceramic sensors to optimize the pressure inside the car tire pressure system, mounted on the rear of the vehicle to measure the distance of the ultrasonic sensor to detect the distance of 5-1500 cm, the target detection angle of 1, The target of 5-20 is that the sensor weighs 1209 and the buzzer weighs 809; the sensor works with iZ v, a current of Piezoelectric ceramic disc transducer is about 10 mA. The use is of reverse piezoelectric effect, the role of the electric field, the linear size of the piezoelectric ceramic changes, the use of acoustic piezoelectric voltage datasheet is clearly the largest volume. The following products have traditionally been manufactured using a variety of ultrasonic radiators of different powers to use in piezoelectric ceramics underwater the acoustic positioning, ultrasonic cleaning, brazing, fusion welding, comminution, mechanical processing, and aerosol soldering; telephones, timepieces , Toys, computing technology, automobiles and other high-frequency motive power and acoustic signal; tape recorders and other piezoelectric motors used,Combined with the ultrasonic receiver or when working in a radiation receiving state, which constitutes ultrasonic diagnostic and flaw detection devices, surface sensors, speed sensors, etc. In recent years, research and development is the use of the piezoelectric effect to expand The application of the device or the improvement of the device parameters in certain fields of application, Ultrasonic generators and sonotrodes with narrow directional radiation beams for the cleaning of semiconductor surfaces at frequencies is above 100 kHz; Mouse ultrasonic radiator, the working frequency band of 20 ~ 50kHz, the radiator is actually a piezoelectric ceramic 3m diameter components ; with digital tuning of the small speakers, which is characterized by large dynamic range and transient characteristics good; a piezoelectric ceramic element with a diameter of 10 to 300 mm and a thickness of 0.05 to 0.3m may have a multilayer structure - two ultrasonic piezoeletric plate datesheet 5 m thick and a 50 m thick metal plate; vibrating radiators with a minimum sound pressure of 7 odB at an amplitude of 2 0 V; toys, clocks, calculators, telephones, civil radios, cars, etc. Self-excited and separately activated buzzer; when the operating voltage is 3 to 30 V,The buzzer generates a 70 to 110 dB sound pressure level 14 at distances of 50 to 100 cm; small, lightweight ultrasonic motors for tape recorders, camera lenses, automotive equipment, industrial robots and rotating speed range stable and good starting and ending characteristics, high efficiency is 45%, the piezoelectric element diameter is of 20m, height of about 10mm; for lithography and monochromatic microscope. Fiber device, adaptive optical plane mirror and has a high in the other applications, the actuators and positioners (thrusters) with discrete is continuously adjustable accuracy that ensure a displacement of 40 m at a voltage of 100 volts and a working load of 400 kg / cm.

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