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How Do You Choose The Best Piezo Crystals for Ultrasonic Welding

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 How Do You Choose The Best Piezo Crystals for Ultrasonic Welding

                           How Do You Choose The Best Piezo Crystals for Ultrasonic Welding

China's piezoelectric vibration sensor for ultrasonic welding technology started late, and many are simple modifications of the ultrasonic plastic welding technology, it is precisely because of the technical differences between the two, Pickup piezo transducer is making this approach can not really meet the technical requirements of ultrasonic metal welding. However, we can see that piezo crystal piezoelectric in recent years, domestic companies and related scientific research personnel have achieved the same level of similar products in developed countries through continuous technical research and independent research and development. In order to solve the key technologies about piezoelectric sensor crystal that restrict ultrasonic welding equipment and broaden the application range of ultrasonic welding technology, the author believes that the following aspects of piezoelectric components should be strengthened: (1) Ultrasonic metal welding has great demand on the power of transducer, design and manufacture. About a high-power ultrasonic transducer ,Currently there is a push-pull ultrasonic system about piezoelectric strain gauge , which can greatly improve the transducer power, deserves our further study and improvement.(2) In ultrasonic metal welding, if the quality of welding head can not reach the ideal level, it will greatly affect our production and application costs and capacity. Our requirements for ultrasonic welding metal head is both high hardness, but also piezo knock sensor has good toughness, so as to ensure the life of the welding head. At the same time, the design of the horn surface also affects the welding quality to a certain extent. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality and life expectancy of the welding head, we must not only continue to choose the more suitable welding head material, but also do a more in-depth study on the surface coating or the layering technology and the surface texture design. (3) About Ultrasonic plastic welding parts,Piezoelectric transducer datasheet supply has more stringent requirements. Therefore, the design and manufacture of a better ultrasonic generator to improve the quality of ultrasonic welding metal effect is obvious. Ultrasound generator technology that can track frequency automatically still has a lot of areas for improvement, which will become the focusing of our research.

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