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Fully Utilize Piezo Material Crystals To Enhance Your Business.

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Fully Utilize Piezo Material Crystals To Enhance Your Business.

                                   Fully Utilize Piezo Material Crystals To Enhance Your Business

Piezoelectric disc and cylinder ceramic material performance improvement Lead-containing piezoelectric ceramics  Because of the piezoelectric properties of lead zirconate titanate piezoelectric ceramics, temperature stability, Curie temperature are greatly superior to other piezo crystal sounder sensor, more importantly, PZT can be changed by changing the composition Or change the external conditions to make its electrical properties in a wide range of regulation, such as ternary, quaternary, etc., In order to adapt to different needs. PZT-based piezoelectric ceramic with sintering temperature is generally higher, while the volatilization temperature of PbO is about 800 ℃. Therefore, it is easy to cause the volatilization of PbO during the sintering process, so that the sintering can not be performed in the lead atmosphere, resulting in the degradation of the piezo discs piezoelectric materials performance. In addition, with the development of surface mount technology (SMT), multilayer- chip high frequency electronic piezo capacitors, inductors, Wafer devices are favored by the market due to their high efficiency, miniaturization and integration of functions, however, the high sintering temperature of the piezoelectric voltage datasheet piezoelectric ceramic makes it difficult to co-burn the ceramic material with the electrode material. As the use of low temperature co-firing can be nickel, copper, silver and other base metals for the internal electrodes. If the sintering temperature can be reduced from the process to improve, so not only inhibit the volatilization of PbO to ensure advanced Pzt materials acoustic pickups, reduce environmental pollution and extend the life of the equipment has important technical and economic value, but also in the use of pure silver level sintering Multilayer chip Piezoelectric ceramic components are widely used, while also saving energy.

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