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Five Fantastic Vacation Ideas For Piezoelectric Ceramics

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 Five Fantastic Vacation Ideas For Piezoelectric Ceramics

                              Five Fantastic Vacation Ideas For Piezoelectric Ceramics

For a low-frequency oscillating electrical piezo ceramic ring plate and an amplitude modulation signal filter (AM filter) made of a ladder circuit having a planar oscillation piezo mode discrete resonator, the piezoelectric ceramic is required to have the following properties: the relative deviation of electrical piezo ceramic the plane oscillation frequency within the operating temperature range is very small (less than 0.2 to 0.4%) and little change with time (less than 0.1% within 10 days), high mechanical quality factor of ultrasonic atomizing piezoelectric is more than 5% of 2000, The range of coefficient values is large (0.05-0.55); the values of the piezo disc circuit PZT dielectric constants by a group of materials differ is a factor of 1.5 to 2 or more, and the values of the Poisson's coefficients ensure that there is no undesired resonance. electrode piezo disc PZT materials for resonators and A M filters with narrow bandwidth and medium bandwidth is less than 3%. For monolithic production of thickness oscillation of a displacement oscillation "energy capture" type FM filter (FM filter), in addition to the requirements of thickness oscillation stability and stable over time, the piezo disc transducer piezoelectric ceramics should also ensure that the given frequency and the piezoelectric element structure, the relationship between the elastic stiffness constant required (for example, the thickness of oscillation numerical range is 4. 8 ~ 8), the thickness of the mechanical and electrical system coupling loose coefficient is 3 to 0.55 range; the quality factor attenuates unwanted resonances is rapid with minimal energy loss in the main oscillating mode by the material properties of energy-trapped resonators and FM filters. These materials can be used in broadband (greater than 3%) A M filters is to meet the temperature stability of planar oscillations and stability over time. Piezoelectric ceramic material parameters for high temperature sensors and other devices. When using surface acoustic wave frequency selective devices and other devices, the following special requirements are placed on the piezoelectric material of the substrate: the dielectric constant is minimal; the relative deviation of surface acoustic wave frequency from the temperature is minimal (less than 0.1% over the operating temperature range)And the relative deviation over time (less than 0.1% for 10 days) is a high quality factor, the smallest roughness  is on the substrate surface.

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