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Everything You Need To Know About Piezo Discs And Cylinders

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 Everything You Need To Know About Piezo Discs And Cylinders

                     Everything You Need To Know About Piezo Discs And Cylinders

Piezoelectric ceramic is a kind of functional PZT material that can convert mechanical energy and electric energy into each other. Piezoelectric ceramic has the characteristics of piezoelectricity ,dielectricity, elasticity and so on. It has been widely used in medical imaging, acoustic sensor, sound transducer, ultrasonic motor, etc.

Piezoelectric ceramic can be used to convert external force into electrical energy, it can be used for piezoelectric ignition, mobile X-ray power, the shell detonation device;

Piezoelectric ceramic material under the mechanical stress can cause the relative displacement of the positive and negative charge center,which results the opposite ends of the PZT material appear bound charge, it has sensitive properties, the piezoelectric ceramic is mainly used for the ultrasound Transducers, underwater acoustic transducers, electro-acoustic piezoelectric transducers,ultrasonic filters, piezo transformers, frequency discriminators, high voltage generators, infrared detectors, surface acoustic wave devices, beauty device ,electro-optical devices, electric gyro.

Piezoelectric ceramics is to convert electrical energy into ultrasonic vibration,which can be used to explore the location and shape of underwater fish, non-destructive testing of metals, as well as ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic medical treatment, and can be made into various ultrasonic cutters, welding devices and soldering iron, processing technology of plastic and metal.

Piezoelectric ceramic that is sensitive to external forces can detect air disturbance far from ten meters , and will be use extremely weak mechanical vibration into electrical signals. It can be applied to sonar systems, meteorological exploration, telemetry environmental protection, household appliances and so on by using the features of piezoelectric ceramics.

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