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Do you know the amount of electricity on a piezoelectric ceramic chip and how to calculate it?

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Do you know the amount of electricity on a piezoelectric ceramic chip and how to calculate it?

Capacitance and comparison of piezoelectric ceramic chip

 1. Can piezoelectric ceramic crystal be called a buzzer?
The piezoelectric ceramic crystal can be vibrated and sounded by the AC electric field after it is bonded to the metal substrate. However, if it does not match the acoustic resistance of the air, the sound is very small. The piezo buzzer obtains sound through resonance, and the sound is very loud. Therefore, there is a difference between them. We cannot draw equal signs. Therefore, this statement of HIFU piezo ceramic is untenable.


2. What are the similarities and differences between piezoelectric ceramic chips and capacitors?

The common feature of piezoelectric ceramic transducer and capacitors is that they are similar in material and structure. However, the difference is mainly that the piezoelectric ceramic crystal will undergo stress deformation during the energization process, and although the capacitor also has this deformation, it is very small, mainly depending on the attraction of the electric field to complete the work.

3.Is the capacitance calculation of the piezoelectric ceramic chip the same as that of the ceramic dielectric capacitor?

The capacitance calculation of a piezoelectric ceramic transducer is the same as that of a ceramic dielectric capacitor. The calculation formula for a flat capacitor is: c = εx s / D. Among them, c refers to the capacitance, the unit is f, ε refers to the dielectric coefficient of the medium, the unit is f / m, and s refers to the electrode area, and the unit is m2. d refers to the thickness of the medium in meters.

Comparison of piezoelectric ceramics and current generation conditions

Regarding piezoelectric ceramics, although we already have a lot of relevant knowledge and content about this product, if we look at the learning requirements and goals, we still do not meet the standard, so we must continue to learn about this product. In this case, we'd better move forward on the existing basis and strike iron while it's hot. In this way, everyone can grasp some new knowledge in time.

1.Are quartz crystals and piezoelectric ceramics the same in the piezoelectric effect?
From a professional point of view, the piezoelectric effect of quartz crystal and piezoelectric ceramics is different. Because there is no volume-deformation piezoelectric effect in quartz crystals, but for piezoelectric ceramics. Therefore, we can draw the above conclusion, which is also the main difference between them.

2. If the piezoelectric ceramic is always pressed, will there be a current?
It is believed that the answer to this question is no, because piezo disk piezoelectric transducers generate current. it generates positive and negative charges on the surface, which creates a voltage and a current. If the potentials on both surfaces are equal, the current will stop and there is no discharge will occur. Therefore, it is kept pressed and no current is flowing.

3. What are the similarities between power generation fibers and piezoelectric ceramics?

The similarities between power-generating fibers and piezoelectric ceramics are as follows.About these two materials, if they are in contact, electricity will be generated under certain conditions, so that electron transfer can be performed. However, when the PZT material is separated, the material that receives the electrons becomes negatively charged. At this point, if the connection is made through a loop, a current will be generated to balance the charge, but it is not very large.

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