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Detecting method of piezoelectric ceramic crystal

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Piezoelectric ceramic crystal sheets are a synthetic piezoelectric material. When are subjected to external pressure, charges are generated on both sides surface, and the amount of charge is proportional to the pressure. This phenomenon is called the piezoelectric effect. Piezoelectric ceramics have a piezoelectric effect, that is, deformation occurs under the action of an external electric field, so a piezoelectric ceramic sheet can be used as a sounding element.

By using the piezoelectric effect of the piezo ceramic transducer, the multimeter can be used to judge whether it is good or bad.

Pulling the two poles of the high power piezo ceramic crystals out of the two wires, then placing the piezo ceramics on the table flat, connecting the two leads to the two test leads of the multimeter, turning the multimeter to the minimum current block, and then gently press the piezo ceramic piece with the pencil eraser. If the pointer of the multimeter is obviously oscillated, the piezo ceramic piece is intact, otherwise, it is damaged.

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