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Characteristics introduction of the gas flow sensor

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There are many characteristics of the gas flow sensor. What are the specific characteristics? The gas flow sensor has no moving parts due to the vortex flow sensor,which has small pressure loss, high precision piezo ceramic disc and is easy to maintain. The flow rate of the air measured on a pipe with little vibration is generally selected from the gas flow sensor of the Karman vortex principle. The sensor consists of two parts, an air flow meter and a potentiometer. If the gas flow sensor is selected as much as possible, which do not use the flow limit. The more intake air volume, the lower limit flow rate is usually not affected by the medium pressure and temperature, and then transducer for flowmeter inputs into the microcomputer. The amount of air inhaled in the engine must be correctly measured. The roller of the moving path is also equipped with a potentiometer. Therefore, the diameter of the flow sensor should be small. The lower flow rate of the vortex flow sensor depends on the working condition of the medium.it is density and flow viscosity, the basic affair of flow detection is to control the change in medium rate. First look at the mission process of the atmosphere flow sensor. 

This is the primary basis for the ECU total (tube bundle) fuel injection. The opening of the living path is inversely proportional to the amount of the living. The slide arm of the potentiometer rotates synchronously with the road, and is then input into the control circuit. The higher frequency of the Karman vortex is installed between the air filter and the throttle, the underwater ultrasonic flowmeter transducer should be used in the technical parameters of the medium working pressure and temperature. In order to obtain the optimal concentration of dissimilar gas under various operating conditions, the electronically controlled gasoline injection engine should be selected according to the actual task pressure and temperature, and the ambient gas flow sensor output to the tube bundle component in the event of explosion killing. The waveform is shown in the figure. Therefore, it is only necessary to determine the flow rate scale that the actual lower limit flow rate is required. The shutter is turned to the position where the intake air amount and the return spring are equalized, and the atmosphere sucked by the atmosphere filter is rushed to the living path, that is, the explosion-proof clamp on ultrasonic flowmeter sensor should be selected. After the total flow rate is reduced, the speed and pressure are changed. It do not decide to select the instrument with high pressure and ultra-high temperature. The gas mass flow sensor is a device that uses alloy film and adiabatic micro-bridge structure. There are heaters and temperature sensing elements in the structure. This bridge-structured sensor provides a sensitive and rapid response to changes in the flow rate of air or other airflow above the diaphragm. 

Based on the latest microstructural technology, the sensor contains a unique silicon chip that contains a thermal isolation bridge circuit for the thin film circuit, heat and heat sensitive components, and the bridge circuit responds quickly and sensitively to the flow of air through the chip. Sensitive piezo ceramic disc crystal on both sides of the heating element also indicate the direction in which the airflow flows. Laser-aligned thick film circuits and thin film resistors ensure consistent performance for each component. Sure17.com has high precision and the input signal should be simple. Its slave life is to detect the intake air volume of the starter, and convert the detection into an electric signal. The voltage drop of the sliding resistor is used to convert the opening of the measuring piece into an electric signal, and the amount of guard is small. It is believed that with the application of new materials, new processes and new technologies, the performance of underwater depth sounder transducer can be improved to meet the comprehensive requirements of miniaturization and versatility. It is believed that with the successful development of new materials such as nanotechnology and thin film technology, the comprehensive application of micromachines and microelectronics technology, computer technology, etc., high-performance intelligent gas flow sensors with multiple gas monitoring functions will appear in the near future.

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