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Application of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine in Manufacturing Enterprises

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Application of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine in Manufacturing Enterprises

                         Application of Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine in Manufacturing Enterprises

In the manufacturing enterprises, parts need to be clean before the plating, heat treatment, assembly, painting .quality of the cleaning directly affect the processing performance and overall performance. as an efficient, green cleaning method , Automotive ultrasonic cleaning for electronic components is more and more widely used in the manufacturing enterprises . Ultrasonic cleaning can remove dirt, grease, rust and scale.
removal of dirt cleaning mainly wipe out sludge, carbon deposition and coating cleaning. Parts is polluted in the processing and storage process , and fall into the dust and impurities, greasy adhesion is very strong, cleaning method is difficult to completely clean, but the use of professional digital ultrasonic cleaning of aluminum is very thorough. Coke is combustion of hard carbides that is generated by fuel and oil in the high temperature and hypoxic conditions and metal surface adsorption, intermolecular bonding strength with high pressure cleaning can be removed, but may damage the piston surface finish. Switch to ultrasonic cleaning, which not only can be completely removed, but also does not damage the quality of the surface parts. cleaning effect of painting and before-plating the directly affect the quality of coating quality . In addition to wax is troubled in the electroplating industry problems, ultrasonic cleaning will solve this problem.
Reducing grease includes cleaning. of emulsified oil, lubricants, anti-rust oil and other oil These oils are used in the processing and assembly of parts. The key of ultrasonic cleaning is to use a surfactant and an emulsifier to thoroughly remove these oils.
Parts will be rusty when is used for a long time when the tank will rust, steel parts in the rolling or heat treatment, the surface will generate a layer of iron oxide, ultrasonic cleaning can be replaced with weak acid instead of strong acid, alkali is to clean.
rust or oxide.

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