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Application of Low Temperature Sintered Piezoelectric Ceramics

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 Application of Low Temperature Sintered Piezoelectric Ceramics

                       Application of Low Temperature Sintered Piezoelectric Ceramics

About low-temperature sintering of piezoelectric ceramic materials of piezoelectric cylinder, beginning to suppress the volatilization of PbO, to ensure the performance of materials to achieve the design targets for the purpose.since the 1990s, in addition to the above purpose, it is applied to the laminated piezoelectric cylinder for underwater communication . It is another purpose of particular worthy of attention is that it can be used to develop the following practical value of the typical laminated piezoelectric ceramic device as a new type of integrated  piezoelectric sensor cost of piezoelectric ceramic transformer, with the traditional electromagnetic transformer phase ,It has the advantages of simple structure, small volume and light weight, no iron loss, moisture resistance, no noise, no fear of short circuit, etc. It is especially suitable for the development of integrated and flaky electronic devices. thic piezoelectric ceramic transformer often use horizontal - vertical vibration mode, the boost ratio is generally 200 to 300, the drive voltage is up to tens of volts, thus limiting the monolithic piezoelectric ceramic transformer has high-tech products .If piezoelectric transducer tube is laminated structure, they use low temperature sintering piezoelectric ceramic material, not only available silver as the internal electrode fired a laminated structure,but also reduce costs,And piezoelectric sensor crystalcan be flexibly adjusted according to the size specifications in order to achieve low drive voltage and high step-up ratio. The use of low-temperature is sintered PZT piezoelectric ceramic material.which has been successfully produced AC no-load step-up ratio of 9 000, the driving voltage of piezoelectric transducer materials is lower than 15 V stack Laminated ceramic transformers, such laminated piezoelectric ceramic transformers can be used for copiers high voltage power supply, radar display power, physiotherapy high voltage power supply, agricultural seed treatment of high voltage power supply, electrostatic adsorption power supply, electrooptical device power suppl, laptop backlight power supply, EDM Generator and so on.

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