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7 Ways Piezoelectric Ceramics Can Improve Your Business

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 7 Ways Piezoelectric Ceramics Can Improve Your Business

                     7 Ways Piezoelectric Ceramics Can Improve Your Business

By the implementation of ultrasonic welding, if the pressure is too large, the piezo plates and block is buffer too fast,it is easy to flatten the ultrasonic welding line, although the square shape piezo ceramic fabricationappears to have been close, but the welding line has been squeezed and sag, loss of welding effect, the formation of forced welding for ultrasonic medical treatment is plastic parts surface , rather than the triangular point of the guide welding, welding artifacts. Optimized piezo ceramic ring plate datasheetwelding line about ultrasonic welding product line design is unreasonable, the product about ultrasonic piezo ceramic ring is in the process of ultrasonic welding due to pressure and slip occurs, resulting in product deviation. Alternatively, the piezo ceramic element crystal may be no problem in design, but such problems may occur due to the lack of accuracy in the weld line location. Therefore, at least in the mold when the welding line symmetry, it is the same height. The key to success or failure in positioning and ultrasonic welding is to make the product look and feel the same.Optimization of welding lines to improve. Non-crystalline polymer frequency piezoceramic crystal type thermoplastics are the ideal material for ultrasonic welding, with detailed heat-melted plastic ultrasonic welding properties. According to the product features and occasions, ultrasonic welding wire generally use the triangular wire, the edge of the wire, peak-valley wire and step wire four ways, wire structure and size requirements. The common quality problems of ultrasonic welding in production can be solved by improving the ultrasonic welding fixture, which is adjusting the ultrasonic welding conditions and optimizing the ultrasonic welding wire.

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