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7 Useful Tips From Experts In Piezo Discs And Cylinders

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 7 Useful Tips From Experts In Piezo Discs And Cylinders

                                      7 Useful Tips From Experts In Piezo Discs And Cylinders

At present, the products of largest piezoelectric ceramic are band-pass filters, band-stop filters, frequency discriminators and resonators in the form of transmission of sound information and visual information communication equipment. From an assembly technology point of view, these PZT material piezoceramic disc transducer parts for television and radio equipment are constantly being refined. They may have miniature circuit forms and radial tap points for automated assembly and soldering. production of resonators is used for the frequency that is generating devices grows particularly rapidly and becomes an independent division. Piezoelectric ceramics about electronic piezoceramic disc crystal is utilizing positive piezoelectric effect and inverse piezoelectric effect have been greatly improved. The following frequency discriminators have been developed both for changing the phase in a broadband ceramic filter and changing the impedance of a piezoceramic disc piezoelectric sensor circuit resonator. The latter type of frequency discriminator, as it is increasingly intended to use only one of the integrated, circuit contacts as a frequency discriminator, therefore is more common.The use of piezoceramic disc vibration sensor piezoelectric ceramic frequency circuit generally do not need fine-tuning. Filter is used to form the amplitude-frequency characteristics of the path of an AM receiver for 4550 to 4668 kHz. piezoceramic crystal datasheet vibration sensor of filter products have been produced in batches over a wide range of parameter values: 3 to 4 0 kH Z at 6 dB level, 12 to 50 dB in band gap, and volume reduction to 0 0 7 a 0 7s em. Resonator - band 185 to 125ok Hz and 2 ~ 8 initial tuning accuracy of±0.5%, in a temperature range of 20 ~ +80 ℃ temperature instability of 0.3%, the size of the shell is 7 x 3. 8 x 2. Sm m and 5x3.2x2.5mm. Sealed with ultrasonic welding, the resonator is used in microprocessor-controlled equipment at 260 C, and smaller and less expensive is than quartz resonators for FM radio receivers and televisions .High-frequency band-pass filters and bile filters at receiver frequencies is of 3 MH z have been produced in batches with different parameter values.For example, for a band-pass filter of 10.7 MHz, the passband width at the 3 d B level may be 70~3 3 ok Hz and the passband width at the 70 dB level is 200- 650 khz , loss of insertion of 2.5 ~ 8 dB, the minimum parasitic signal attenuation is 30 ~ 70d B. The overall dimensions are reduced to 6 x 3 x 3 x 9 mm. surface acoustic wave devices of cavity filters and resonators is using piezoceramic substrates that have been implemented in the 5-1100MHz band

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