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7 Doubts You Should Clarify About Piezo Crystals

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7 Doubts You Should Clarify About Piezo Crystals

                      7 Doubts You Should Clarify About Piezo Crystals

  When a compressive ultrasonic plate transducer is parallel to the polarization direction is applied, the piezo ceramic body is compressed and deformed, the electric dipole moment becomes smaller, and the polarization intensity, that is, the bound charge of piezo ring electric sensor  becomes smaller, so that the extra free charge on the electrode surface is generated and discharged ; If applied along the polarization direction of the tensile stress, then the phenomenon of piezo sounder PZT materials , which is the positive piezoelectric effect. When an electric field of the same or opposite polarity as the polarization direction is applied to the piezoelectric ceramic body, since the direction of the electric field is the same as (or opposite to) the direction of polarization, it acts to increase (or decrease) the polarization strength so that the piezoelectric ceramic ,ring piezo sounder is caused by the polarization direction (or shortening) to produce strain and stress, the stress and strain can act on foreign objects or propagation medium, which is the inverse piezoelectric effect.No matter what the shape of the piezoelectric transformer is the positive and negative piezoelectric effect of the piezoelectric vibrator ,organic combination of the inverse piezoelectric effect is as an input end, the positive piezoelectric effect as an output end, the general horizontal and vertical pressure structure is an electric transformer. The second conversion of the piezo ceramic crystal electromechanical energy of the piezoelectric ceramic, the mechanical energy and the electrical energy can obtain the highest output voltage at the resonant frequency of the transformer due to the different impedances of the input part and the output part in the process of energy conversion and transmission.The voltage output is to achieve the effect of transformation. Piezoelectric ceramic transducers Piezoelectric ceramic as a transducer, the scope of its application is broader than the oscillator. 1Mhz piezo discPiezoelectric transducers are one of them. They are underwater acoustic devices that emit and receive ultrasound underwater. They are also widely used in industries as ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic precision machining, ultrasonic humidification and ultrasonic diagnostics. Another widely used area for today's piezo-ultrasonic transducers is telemetry and remote control systems such as remote-controlled TV channel switching systems, automatic control of parking time recorders, and more. The specific application examples are: piezoelectric ceramic buzzer, piezoelectric ignition, ultrasonic microscope, etc.

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